At Swift Group, we provide better value by utilizing our in-house resources for land transportation services and fully operated by our drivers. The land transportation services involve shipment of cargo by road comprising of inland distribution and cross border transportation services.

Inland Transportation

Optimizing routes and maximizing loads to ensure seamless distribution.
We plan and execute local and inter-region road transportations of non-containerized cargo in Peninsular Malaysia with ambient temperature inland distribution and distribution services, where the cargo is not temperature controlled or refrigerated, and inland specialized transportation for cargo that requires specialized delivery vehicles. Supported by our own 503 prime movers, 747 curtain sider/box trailers or trucks in the fleet, and inland yards. 
The types of inland transportation services that we currently provide include the following: 
  • Inter-region transportation, where cargo is picked up from a location and transported to another location in a different region or state; and 
  • Local distribution, where the cargo is picked up from a facility such as a warehouse and distributed to several locations (such as retail outlets) in the same city, town or area. 
Our inland transportation and distribution services also involve consolidation services where we offer less-than-container load (LCL) and less-than-truck load (LTL) services. Our less-than-truck load pick-up and delivery services provide local and inter-region pick-up and delivery of a parcel from or to a designated address within a relatively short timeframe. With a current capacity of five (5) units of 3 tones and 15 units of 5 tones; fully equipped with GPS, digital signage, and added with electronic proof of delivery (e-POD) system, customers can track and monitor the real-time movement of their shipment via a web-based platform and mobile application. 
We currently utilise prime movers and trailers, or trucks for inter-region transportation and local distribution. We have conventional box trailers and trucks where the goods are stored in an enclosed cargo area with walls commonly made of steel. We also have curtain-sider trailers and trucks where the sides of the enclosed cargo area are made of strong fabric curtains that can be drawn upwards or sideward to expose the sides for ease of loading and unloading. 


Cross-border Transportation

Swift Group provides door-to-door cross-border transportation services ranging from road transportation of containerised and non-containerised cargo, across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Southern China.

Types of vehicles provided:

• Prime mover and container trailer for containerised cargo;
• Prime mover and box or curtain-sider trailers for non-containerised cargo; and
• Trucks for non-containerised cargo

We carry out designated customs clearance services at border crossings includes completing documentation, making customs declarations, and paying import or export duties. 

Our Cross Border Transportation Coverage: 





Inland and Cross-border Yards

Our cross-border services is supported by our inland and cross-border yards to facilitate the transfer of cargoes.

We have a total of six (6) inland yards to ensure seamless supply chain processes. Our inland yards at Seberang Perai, Bukit Beruntung and Sijangkang is equipped with workshops to ensure our commercial vehicles are well maintained. 

Our cross-border yards are specially designed to facilitate the transfer of cargoes from one commercial vehicle to another; fully equipped with container stackers and forklifts to transfer for palletised cargoes transfer. 

We currently operate a total of two (2) cross-border yards:



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